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My intention is to give you the space to nurture yourself as you breathe, strengthen and stretch your body and mind.

I encourage you to tune into your body and move safely, with awareness through your yoga asana (posture) practice as you find your own expression of yoga, access your true nature and come back home to yourself.

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 I teach weekly Hatha,
Restorative & Yin Yoga at studios in Southwest London. 

Student Feedback

“Excellent yoga teacher. Paula is a fantastic teacher – clear, calm…simply excellent!”
Lucy B

“I attended one of Paula’s classes and was immediately hooked. Paula is a calm, kind and empathic teacher who obviously knows what she is talking about. Her classes are a mixture of energetic and soothing work that made me feel refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to face the world again. I would highly recommend her classes to everyone.”  
Catherine L

“I have got to know someone who is not only an excellent yoga teacher but also a general all round awesome person. Paula is the most reliable, conscientious and patient person I know and as a result we have worked together several times on master classes and retreats. After great feedback from our various retreat guests I am also very glad to say I have also just welcomed Paula to my 200hr teacher training team and hope she will enjoy training up our next group of student teachers as she has a lot of knowledge to share.”
Sally Parkes – Founder of Sally Parkes Yoga

“Worth a trip to London for! Paula is a great teacher. Warm and friendly she offers fun classes with just the right amount of focus on alignment to help you enhance and progress your practice. I’d recommend her to everyone!”
Emma M

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SWITCH OFF SUNDAYS 📵 ••• I’ve been doing this since 2017 and it feels even more necessary now. This is just one of the ways I choose to show up for myself. Why not join me for Switch Off Sundays - one day a week away from social media. Your mind and body will thank you 💖 How do you choose to show up for yourself? ...

“My mantra is, ‘Make time for rest - whatever that looks like for you. Rest is nourishment.”

Thank You @elektrahealth for sharing my story and for the work you are doing.

If you would like to read this interview on full, plus find more evidence-based #menopause education, care and community on the Elektra Health website see the link in my bio 💜

Looking forward to meeting the current intake of @menopause_yoga trainees next week.

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Menopause Yoga Teachers’ Academy:

Meet Paula Hines – the latest teacher to join our academy of experts supporting women on their menopause journey. She will be leading a 90 minute live tutorial in Restorative Yoga for the current March intake of trainees.

Welcome Paula. @ucanyoga1

Paula is a senior yoga teacher who has practised and studied yoga for twenty years. She is also a graduate of the Menopause Yoga 40 hour Teacher Training course with @yogacampus that is accredited by @yogaallianceprofessionals and the @britishwheelofyoga .

Paula’s own experience of yoga’s capacity to aid recovery from injury and ease stress led her to train as a teacher after fourteen years of working full-time in TV and fuels her desire to share yoga’s life-enhancing benefits with others. An experienced restorative yoga teacher, Paula is an Advanced Relax and Renew Trainer, having studied with the renowned Judith Hanson Lasater.

Paula greatly enjoys learning from students and is eternally grateful to all the teachers she has had the good fortune to practise and study with.

Paula is also an experienced writer with script-writing credits for the BBC and has written the monthly ‘Teacher’s Tales’ column and travel features for OM Yoga Magazine since 2012.

My weblinks are as follows:

@ucanyoga1 (Instagram)
@ucanyoga (Twitter) (website)

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In these unprecedented times, don’t be too harsh on yourself.

We’re all trying to figure out how to navigate life at the best of times, let alone during one of the most turbulent times in human existence. Give yourself a break and show yourself the empathy you show the people you love.

Making it through everyday is an achievement, don’t let people trivialise your struggles if it feels like a big deal to you.

Join me tomorrow and each Wednesday for Yinyasa @yogapointbrixton 11.30-12.30 (£7 online). Booking via

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Wednesdays 11:30 via Zoom & the @yogapointbrixton studio (when open). This class starts with postures and movement and transitions to supported Yin postures. At first it may appear deceptively gentle but that is the work of this class. It allows space for the body and mind to let go and relax. To nurture and restore. #yinyogabrixton #yinonzoom #yinonline #yogatoheal #ucanyoga #yogapointbrixton #yogapointbrixtononline #brixtonyoga #hernehillyoga #tulsehillyoga #yinyoga #blackyoginis #blackyogateachers #lockdownyoga #yogawednesday #yogawednesdays

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