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My intention is to give you the space to nurture yourself as you breathe, strengthen and stretch your body and mind.

I encourage you to tune into your body and move safely, with awareness through your yoga asana (posture) practice as you find your own expression of yoga, access your true nature and come back home to yourself.

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Check out my upcoming workshops and events to dive deeper into your practice. 

Class Schedule

 I teach weekly Hatha,
Restorative & Yin Yoga at studios in Southwest London. 

Student Feedback

“Excellent yoga teacher. Paula is a fantastic teacher – clear, calm…simply excellent!”
Lucy B

“I attended one of Paula’s classes and was immediately hooked. Paula is a calm, kind and empathic teacher who obviously knows what she is talking about. Her classes are a mixture of energetic and soothing work that made me feel refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to face the world again. I would highly recommend her classes to everyone.”  
Catherine L

“I have got to know someone who is not only an excellent yoga teacher but also a general all round awesome person. Paula is the most reliable, conscientious and patient person I know and as a result we have worked together several times on master classes and retreats. After great feedback from our various retreat guests I am also very glad to say I have also just welcomed Paula to my 200hr teacher training team and hope she will enjoy training up our next group of student teachers as she has a lot of knowledge to share.”
Sally Parkes – Founder of Sally Parkes Yoga

“Worth a trip to London for! Paula is a great teacher. Warm and friendly she offers fun classes with just the right amount of focus on alignment to help you enhance and progress your practice. I’d recommend her to everyone!”
Emma M

Get Social

SWITCH OFF SUNDAYS 📵 ••• I’ve been doing this since 2017 and it feels even more necessary now... Why not join me for Switch Off Sundays - one day a week away from social media - to help restore yourself. Your mind and body will thank you 💜 ...


Did you know that face down and forward bending poses can help to calm mental agitation?

After almost 20 years of consistent yoga practice and nearly 10 years of teaching, I only ever teach what I practise. (You’re pretty much guaranteed to experience face down poses in my classes). We’ll be practising this pose this week in YIN & RESTORATIVE (tomorrow and each Friday 5.45-7pm @embodyvauxhall)

I love to share these practices as they are usually accessible in some form to everyone. There are many variations but here are just a couple of suggestions you can try for yourself: • You can keep it really simple by lying on your front on the floor or a yoga mat if you have one (lying on an open blanket can provide some more comfort). Place one hand on top of the other to make a pillow for your forehead to rest upon. Rest here for as long as you need to. Or you can try this version with props: • Face Down Relaxation Pose (Bolster Variation) - see video above, filmed @embodyvauxhall back in 2017 - if you don’t have bolsters then you can use bed pillows and/or folded blankets.

(NB - this video with instructions can be found on my @youtube channel, along with my Chair Child’s Pose video - link in my bio- if getting onto the floor does not work for you.)

And if you are coming to class this Friday, Chai’s Sound Bath is happening straight afterwards if you’d like a full evening of restoration 💜

📷 and words @maryamhasnaa 💜 ...

THIS WEEK’S CLASSES ••• Here’s where you can join me this week 🧘🏾‍♀️

(Covid protocols and reduced class sizes are remaining in place for your safety 💜)

WEDNESDAY @yogapointbrixton • (visit to book) •

10.00-11.00 Hatha Flow (in the studio and online via Zoom) - **last Wednesday class before August break**

FRIDAY @embodyvauxhall • (visit to book) •

17.45-19.00 Yin & Restorative (studio only)

See you there 🙏🏾💜

SWITCH OFF SUNDAYS 📵 ••• Sundays are perfect for recharging •••
In my @omyogamagazine column in August 2018 I wrote about Aparigraha, FOMO, why I started Switch Off Sundays in 2017 (and haven’t looked back since), and asked the question: How attached are you to social media?👉🏾 “Do you take it or leave it? Or are you, like me, someone who could happily be on social media every day? Social media can be a great way to connect with others, to stay in touch with family and your friendship circle both near and far... but it can become addictive. What does any of this have to do with yoga? It’s all about attachment...” If you're looking to spend a bit less time online then how about joining me for Switch Off Sundays - one day a week away from all social media.

Allow yourself some space and time away from your screen to reset and recharge 💙

WEEKEND READING ••• Very excited when this arrived yesterday. Thank you @drshahzadiharper @emma.bardwell for writing this 💖 ...

TIRED, HEAVY LEGS IN THE HEAT? ••• Reposting myself here (throwback to the 2019 heatwave ☀️) for anyone else who might be experiencing tired, heavy legs in the heat. This pose can also be of help if you are experiencing the symptom of tingly legs during peri / menopause.

For more like this join me here @embodyvauxhall tomorrow and each Friday for Yin & Restorative 5.45-7pm. (Visit to book.)

Class sizes remain reduced with Covid protocols still in place for your safety 💛

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LEGS UP THE WALL (WITH WEIGHTING): Tired, heavy legs in the heat? Give this a go!

In this video, filmed at @embodyvauxhall, I am using a bolster on my feet for weighting. If you have access to sandbags you can use those, but this version can also be practised with the aid of blankets and/or blocks. Even without weight on the feet this pose can be especially soothing (and welcome, in this weather) for tired legs, or post-running or cycling.

Did you know that weighting poses has the capacity to be soothing for people with depression or lethargy, while for those with anxiety it can feel grounding? I first came across this during my first training with Judith Hanson Lasater in 2012 and I have found weighting helpful as a tool for addressing my own anxiety. I’m an experienced Level 2 Relax and Renew Trainer and love sharing the practice of Restorative Yoga and showing how this can be incorporated into day-to-day life. If you’re interested in 1-2-1
restorative sessions in SW London, get in touch.

The August issue of @omyogamagazine featuring Jessamyn Stanley - on the cover and inside as the subject of the OM Meets interview - is out now. Have you got your copy? And in my Teacher’s Tales column this month: ‘Staying grounded when you are teaching’ 💛

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It’s new issue day! ✨ Our August issue is on sale, and available to read on our website featuring yoga teacher and body positivity advocate, the fantastic @mynameisjessamyn photographed by Christine Hewitt @yogicphotos .

Head to page 36 where we catch up with Jessamyn and chat about how she’s inspiring people from all backgrounds abs with all different bodies to explore the practice of yoga!

Also in this issue we bring you a 20-page special report: The Calm Clinic. Finding calm in 2021 might be the greatest challenge of all, but it’s possible and we’re here to help.

Head to page 70 where we explore the Art of Happiness and share tips and tricks that can help elevate your endorphins and get you smiling through the summer! ☀️

So pick up your copy today at Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Co-op, Heath Stores and independent newsagents or head to our website and find your calm this summer!

📸 Christine Hewitt from Every Body Yoga, Photography © Workman Publishing
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