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My intention is to give you the space to nurture yourself as you breathe, strengthen and stretch your body and mind.

I encourage you to tune into your body and move safely, with awareness through your yoga asana (posture) practice as you find your own expression of yoga, access your true nature and come back home to yourself.

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Check out my upcoming workshops and events to dive deeper into your practice. 

Class Schedule

 I teach weekly Hatha,
Restorative & Yin Yoga at studios in Southwest London. 

Student Feedback

“Excellent yoga teacher. Paula is a fantastic teacher – clear, calm…simply excellent!”
Lucy B

“I attended one of Paula’s classes and was immediately hooked. Paula is a calm, kind and empathic teacher who obviously knows what she is talking about. Her classes are a mixture of energetic and soothing work that made me feel refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to face the world again. I would highly recommend her classes to everyone.”  
Catherine L

“I have got to know someone who is not only an excellent yoga teacher but also a general all round awesome person. Paula is the most reliable, conscientious and patient person I know and as a result we have worked together several times on master classes and retreats. After great feedback from our various retreat guests I am also very glad to say I have also just welcomed Paula to my 200hr teacher training team and hope she will enjoy training up our next group of student teachers as she has a lot of knowledge to share.”
Sally Parkes – Founder of Sally Parkes Yoga

“Worth a trip to London for! Paula is a great teacher. Warm and friendly she offers fun classes with just the right amount of focus on alignment to help you enhance and progress your practice. I’d recommend her to everyone!”
Emma M

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Resposting myself. If my words here resonate with you, why not give #SwitchOffSundays a try? Whether you choose to join me in one day a week away from social media or not, take good care and be kind to yourself - this first week of 2021 has been a lot 💜

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SWITCH OFF SUNDAYS 📵••• Does it expand you or contract you? This is something worth asking yourself after spending time on social media, as you observe how you feel. If it is the latter then consider joining me for Switch Off Sundays - one day a week away from social media 📵 If taking an extended social media break feels like too much, then this way - switching off for just one day weekly - still adds up to 52 days per year. Just think what else you could do with that time... 💙

Thank You so much to Everyone who came along to my online #RestorativeYoga class @yoga_garden_party yesterday and donated to @the_hope_foundation_uk 🙏🏾💗 If you missed it, my Restorative Yoga for Anxiety class is still available on YouTube (link in my bio along with my other #yoga offerings).

There are online Yoga Garden Party events happening throughout January with all proceeds going to HOPE - see link in @yoga_garden_party bio for details.

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REST IS ESSENTIAL ••• And we can’t move forward without it. I believe this wholeheartedly and even more so now. Especially at this time. I have taught restorative yoga for eight years and practised it for longer. This practice comes from the therapeutic work of B.K.S. Iyengar. I have deep gratitude to Mr. Iyengar for his development of the practice of restorative yoga which has been and is crucial in my life, and to @judithlasater and @boforbesyoga who I continue to learn from. My Restorative Yoga for Anxiety class is still available via the link in my bio. It’s 20 minutes long. You Deserve Rest.
I’m not teaching my usual drop-in classes this week as I am following my own advice and allowing myself some time out. But the link in my bio will take you to some other yoga resources (including downloads you can buy) at my website 🙏🏾💜

YOGA NIDRA ••• Thursdays, online 8.30-9pm with @aplacetohealbyarrigo

“Yoga Nidra can be understood as a total practice of yoga itself… a state of ‘awakened sleep’ … in this state (we encounter) auto-suggestive experience of the power of the unconscious mind and its linkage with the soul.” – Sri Ram Sharam Acharya.

Yoga nidra is deep relaxation and a way to wake up to your life.

The word ‘nidra’ translates as ‘sleep’, hence the term ‘yogic sleep’. Put simply, yoga nidra can be described as a form of meditation, though it is not so much a practice or technique as a state of being. It can be seen as an altered state of consciousness – neither being asleep or awake, but a state in-between. In this state we can find deep insights – answers we have been seeking – as well as deep relaxation and rejuvenation. (Yoga nidra can also help to enhance sleep).

One of the great beauties of yoga nidra is that you don’t need any previous experience of yoga to practice. As a practitioner, all that is required of you is to lie down in a comfortable position, listen and be willing to enter an effortless state of being, making this practice accessible to almost anyone.

In this session there will be some very gentle movement before lying down for nidra. If you like to journal then you may wish to have your journal close by for when the practice ends.

Link in bio to book or visit

Yinyasa resumes this week (online via Zoom). Each Wednesday 11.30-12.30 (£7). Booking via @yogapointbrixton 💙

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Wednesdays 11:30 via Zoom & the @yogapointbrixton studio (when open). This class promotes health through helping you to really relax and let go. Paula @ucanyoga1 draws on many years of experience teaching yin yoga. This class begins with postures and movement and transitions to supported Yin postures. At first it may appear deceptively gentle but that is the work of this class. It allows space for the body and mind to let go and relax. To nurture and restore. #yinyogabrixton #yinonzoom #yinonline #yogatoheal #ucanyoga #yogapointbrixton #yogapointbrixtononline #brixtonyoga #hernehillyoga #tulsehillyoga #yinyoga #blackyoginis #blackyogateachers #lockdownyoga #yogawednesday #yogawednesdays

In our @menopausewhilstblack podcast conversation (see previous post for details) one of the things @thekarenarthur and I discussed was the benefits of yoga for menopause. If this is of interest to you, I’d love you to join me for my upcoming online workshop, Restoring Calm with @yogaonthelane on Saturday 27th February. You can find full workshop details and hear the podcast - available on Spotify and @applepodcasts - via the link in my bio 💛 (And if you haven’t had a chance to listen to Karen’s brilliant @menopausewhilstblack podcast series yet, do catch-up on the previous episodes too - all enriching conversations 💛) ...

I absolutely loved talking to @thekarenarthur! Our conversation is out now on Spotify and @applepodcasts (link in bio). And do catch-up on Episodes 1-4 if you haven’t listened already. Thank You Karen for having me as a guest on your @menopausewhilstblack podcast! 🙏🏾❤️

#Repost @menopausewhilstblack
A lil New Year gift for you!
Menopause Whilst Black Episode 5 From script writing to sun salutations. Yoga for every BODY! with delightful Senior Yoga Teacher Paula Hines @ucanyoga1 is now up.
We chat grief, lockdown, BLM, spinal injury and diversity in yoga amongst other topics.
Paula, who is perimenopausal, at first thought that she was suffering from dementia when her memory started to fail her. Her reluctance to visit a doctor stems from a distrust based on experience, anecdotes and fact based research on healthcare disparities for black folks*. Luckily she came across a TV clip of Dr Louise Newson @menopause_doctor and decided to delve deeper.
Link to episode on iTunes in bio.

*not to be scoffed at or taken at all lightly, black folks have legitimate reasons to be wary of medical profession. (covid vaccine reluctance anyone?) ESPECIALLY black women. History and current research (if you're googling start with covid deaths, MBrace report, @fivexmore_) bears this out but that should not stop us from getting ourselves checked out at the doctors. We may miss vital info or diagnosis that could aid our symptom management.
Take a close friend, do prior research, ask questions, write (or record with permission) answers and seek a second opinion if you're unsure.

#menopausewhilstblack #MWBPod #makemenopausediverse #makemenopausematter #olderblackwomen #perimenopause #menotalk #africandiaspora #jamaica #london #yogaforall #blackyogateachers

#YogaNidra online, Thursdays 8.30-9pm with A Place to Heal


YINYASA @YogaPointLondon continues online via Zoom throughout lockdown, Wednesdays 11.30-12.30 £7. This week we’ll be doing a Kidney & Urinary Bladder #meridian practice. Book via #Brixton #HerneHill #SWLondon #onlineyogaclasses #yinyoga @Yoga4Londoners

In our #menopausewhilstblack podcast chat (see previous tweet) one of the topics @ReddskinUK and I discussed was #yogaformenopause. If this is of interest to you, I’d love you to join me for my upcoming online workshop:

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