Saturday 2nd February 2019 2-4pm at Embody Wellness – £25

In Chinese Medicine there are Five Elements central to its philosophy – Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth – with each element linked to a specific season, organ system and emotion.

Water is linked to Winter and represents our will and courage; just as water yields to adapt to what lies in its path, by cultivating its qualities we can learn to embrace courageously life’s natural flow. Organ-wise, water is linked to our kidneys and urinary bladder. The kidneys are the root of the yin and yang energies in our bodies. Imbalanced kidney energy (or Qi) can sometimes be mistakenly diagnosed as a lower back problem, and can manifest emotionally as fear, anxiety, worry or depression. During Winter we often feel dull or fatigued with our immunity compromised and our motivation flagging. It’s a time of hibernation and darkness, but also a time when our potential can develop as we rest and conserve our Qi so as to be ready to emerge in Spring.

The workshop led by Paula Hines will begin with a kidney and urinary bladder yin yoga practice to shift us out of Winter stagnation. This practice engenders a sense of calm and relaxation, encouraging physical, mental and emotional balance along with a connection to our creativity and passions. Physically the focus is on moving deeper into the connective tissues of the body (ligaments, tendons and fascia) with each pose typically lasting three to five minutes.

This will prepare us for part two of the workshop – an extended yoga nidra practice to leave you feeling refreshed, restored and rebalanced.

This workshop is open to all levels, however it is not suitable for pregnant students.

To book your place please visit the Embody Wellness website here.