Saturday 19th October 2019 | 2.00pm to 5.00pm | £35 / £30 concession

Venue: Yoga Point, Brixton

A portion of the proceeds from this workshop will be donated to local charity Brixton Soup Kitchen.

Starting with this Autumn Yin & Yoga Nidra workshop I will be bringing a new series of seasonal workshops to Yoga Point in Brixton. This year the duration of the workshops will be 3 hours rather than 2 which will allow for a longer yin yoga practice. And by attending these workshops you will be helping a very worthwhile local charity, Brixton Soup Kitchen.

To book your workshop place you can email me directly at ucanyoga1@gmail.com.

Here are the details for Joyful & Open: An Autumn Yin & Yoga Nidra Workshop:

In Chinese Medicine there are Five Elements that are central to nature’s cycles and are reflected in the cycles of our bodies. They are Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth, and each element is connected to a specific season, organ system and emotion.

Metal is linked to Autumn and the Lungs and Large Intestine – all are about transformation. Just as Autumn is a time when nature begins to draw its energy inwards to prepare for the colder, darker months ahead, precious metals can be found deep in the earth ready to be discovered and transformed without ever losing their true essence.

Part one of this workshop will be a Lung and Large Intestine yin yoga practice, where physically the focus is on moving deeper into the connective tissues of the body (ligaments, tendons and fascia – the cling-film-like ‘tissue’ which holds our muscles together). In this slow practice, each pose typically lasts for three to five minutes.

This will prepare us for part two of the workshop – an extended yoga nidra (yogic sleep – a form of guided meditation practiced lying down that will bring you to the edge of sleep) of 45-50 minutes.

Imbalanced Lung and Large Intestine Qi (energy) can manifest as respiratory problems, sadness, fatigue, low immunity and colds. When Lung Qi is balanced we feel present, optimistic and more able to face life’s ups and downs with acceptance and courage.

NB – This workshop is open to all levels, but it is not suitable for pregnant students.

To enquire or book a place, contact Paula at ucanyoga1@gmail.com

#7pmSwitchOff – How does Blue Light Affect Sleep?

#7pmSwitchOff – How does Blue Light Affect Sleep?

Light is the most powerful cue for shifting the phase or resetting the time of the circadian clock. In an evening, the blue light that emits from devices (including TVs) suppresses the natural production of melatonin – the hormone you need to feel sleepy – and plays havoc with your body’s circadian rhythms making it harder to fall asleep and stay asleep.” – The Sleep Council

If you’ve been following me for a while you’ll know that I have a social media free day every week (#SwitchOffSundays since summer 2017). I find this incredibly beneficial though for the rest of the week I notice it can be all too easy to slip into the habit of scrolling late in the evenings when I should either be winding down for bed (or already asleep) A great sleep workshop in August with with Tamu from Live Three Sixty and Greg Fearon reaffirmed what I already knew deep down – that I needed to take some steps to improve my sleep routine.

Compared to four/five years ago I definitely see and feel that I cannot take sleep for granted. And even on those days where I think I’ve had a great night’s sleep I can wake up still feeling tired. After keeping a journal to track this I saw that this always happened when I had been on my phone close to bedtime. With this in mind I’ve decided to start switching off from social media at 7pm each day.

If this resonates with you too then why not join me for #7pmSwitchOff.